The International science and technical congress on Aerospace materials plastic deformation processes. Science, technology, industry (METALDEFORM-2017)

Russia, Samara, Samara University

Event type: Conference
Starts: 04.07.2017
Ends: 07.07.2017

Organizer: Samara University
Address: Moscow Highway 34
www: http://www.metaldeform2017.ssau.ru
e-mail: metaldeform2017@mail.ru

Detailed inrormation

Increase of aerospace techniques’ weight efficiency, durability and safety is commonly determined by a structure and properties of structural materials and products made by metal forming. In particular, a large plastic strain together heat treatment forms a crystallography, physical, mechanical and deformation properties of billets, which hereinafter determines their behavior in metal forming processes and performance.

Therefore advanced approaches to the plasticity theory development, structure and texture formation via simulation and modeling of plastic deformation and heat treatment as like as a super plasticity phenomenon and electromagnetic forming are going to be presented during the Congress.
Reports on composite materials, design production and performance problems are to be shown at the congress.

We hope an sharing experience, new ideas, research outcomes and their industry application will make for a new level of material and parts production, which meet the requirements of a 6th technological wave of a Global economics.

Congress papers after reviewing are going to be publishing in the Congress Proceedings Volume in one of Elsevier or Trans Tech Publication Journals (indexed in Scopus).

Congress is organized under the patronage of Samara Region Governor Nikolai Merkushkin, Rector of Samara State Aerospace University (National Research University).

Location: Samara State Aerospace University, Samara, Russia.

1. Metal physics, mechanics and technologies of deformation processes.
2. Material science and heat treatment of wrought materials.
3. Nano structuring and severe plastic deformation of materials.
4. High-energy processes of metal forming.
5. Composite materials technologies.
6. Issues in production of aerospace materials and composites.
7. Young scientists research.

Important Dates of the Congress:

- May 15th 2016 - submission an abstract (see Call for Papers).
- June 25th 2016 - inform about the decision on abstract accepting and 2nd Announcement.
- November 1st 2016 - Papers are sent to a Publisher.
- July 4th-7th 2017 - Congress.

Organizing Fee - 250 EUR.

34, Moskovskoye shosse, Samara, 443086, Russia
Phone: (+7 846) 335-18-25.
Fax: (+7 846) 335-18-25, е-mail: metaldeform2017@mail.ru, www.metaldeform2017.ssau.ru.
Please contact to Ekaterina Nosova.

More information about the event and requirements to registration of abstracts can be found here.