The Second Russian Symposium on Nanosatellites “RusNanoSat-2017"

Russia, Samara, Samara University

Event type: Symposium
Starts: 28.06.2017
Ends: 30.06.2017

Organizer: Samara National Research University
Address: Moskovskoe Shosse, 34
www: http://volgaspace.ru/RusNanoSat-2017/
e-mail: space@ssau.ru

Detailed inrormation

The Second Russian Symposium on Nanosatellites “RusNanoSat-2017", with international participation, will be held 28-30 June in Samara.

Aims and themes of the symposium
- New missions and projects of nanosatellites;
- Use of nanosatellite groupings in the solution of applied and scientific tasks;
- Outcomes and results of past and present nanosatellite missions;
- Unique features of nanosatellite design;
- Motion dynamics of nanosatellites and their systems;
- Control and navigation of nanosatellites;
- Onboard systems of nanosatellites;
- Promising technologies and their use in the creation of nanosatellites;
- Research apparatus for nanosatellites;
- Problems of launching nanosatellites into orbit.

Event calendar
- 1 January - launch of the symposium’s informational website at volgaspace.ru
- 15 January - send-out of notices announcing the upcoming holding of the symposium
- 15 April - deadline for the submission of applications for participation in the symposium and report topics
- 25 April - notice of report inclusion in the symposium program
- 10 May - publication of the symposium program
- 10 June - submission of the texts of reports and presentations
- 27 June - arrival of symposium participants
- 28-30 June - holding of the symposium
- 1 July - departure of symposium participants

In order to participate in the symposium, you must submit a draft copy of the topics of your report, in both the Russian and English languages, as well as information about its authors, by 15 April. Report topics are to be submitted by email to space@ssau.ru or ibelokonov@mail.ru, marked with the subject RusNanoSat-2017-Author’s surname in Latin letters (e.g., RusNanoSat2017-Petrov). Requirements for the compilation of materials are provided here.

The best reports will be recommended for publication in the leading Russian and foreign journals.
The working language of the symposium is Russian; foreign participants will be provided with interpretation services.

Registration for the symposium will be handled at the following link.

Contact information
The symposium coordinator is Professor Igor Vitalievich Belokonov, Head of the Inter-University Department for Space Research at Samara National Research University, Vice President of the Volga Branch of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics.
Tel. +7 (902) 371-48-91, e-mail: space@ssau.ru.