The literary and philosophical symposium in memory of Umberto Eco

Russia, Samara, Samara University

Event type: Symposium
Starts: 25.03.2017
Ends: 25.03.2017

Organizer: Samara National Research University
Address: Moskovskoe Shosse, 34
e-mail: phil@ssau.ru

Detailed inrormation

The Department of Philosophy and History of the Samara University announces that applications may be submitted for taking part in the literary and philosophical symposium in memory of Umberto Eco (March 25, 2017).

The symposium aims to pay homage to the great contemporary Italian novelist, successor to humanistic traditions of the European literature who died on February 19, 2016. The organizers of the symposium see their goal as comprehending Umberto Eco’s creative heritage as a novelist, literary historian, linguist and thinker, whose multi-faceted talent enriched a modern man’s understanding of the world and eternal values revealed in a human soul.

The following thematic aspects are offered for discussion:

- The problem of artistic manner in Umberto Eco’s creative work;
- Umberto Eco’s semiotic concept;
- Umberto Eco as a literary historian;
- Umberto Eco’s aesthetics;
- The human dignity theme in Umberto Eco’s creative works;
- Umberto Eco as a polemist and critic of ideological euphemisms in contemporary public conscience.

Everyone who cherishes the memory of the great novelist, thinker and scientist is invited to take part in the symposium.

Key dates
16 January - announcement
15 March – receipt of applications stops
20 March – drawing the program up
25 March - symposium

The time and location where the symposium will take place will be announced later. Participants of the symposium should send an application to the organizing committee no later than on March 15. The application should include full name, place of employment and position, title of the report with an abstract numbering 1,000 signs.

As a result it is planned to publish a collection of articles, the best reports will be published in the Kritika I Semiotika (Criticism and Semiotics) magazine.

Applications, offers and comments should be sent to e-mail address phil@ssau.ru with “Literary and Philosophical Symposium in memory of U. Eco” as the subject of the letter, tel.: +7 (846) 267-47-87.