V Kozlov readings

Russia, Samara, JSC “RSC “Progress”

Event type: Конференция
Starts: 11.09.2017
Ends: 15.09.2017

Organizer: JSC “RSC “Progress”
Address: Samara, Krupskaya St. 5, office 7

Detailed inrormation

V All-Russia science and technology international conference “Actual problems of rocket and space technology” (“V Kozlov readings”) will be held in JSC “RSC “Progress” from 11 to 15 September 2017.

The aim of the conference is to generalize the accumulated experience in the sphere of research, projecting, production and exploitation of small-lift, medium-lift and heavy-lift launch vehicle, Earth observing system and training of specialists in the aerospace sphere as well.

Conference themes:
1. Design and construction of carrier rockets and spacecraft, space research and projects.
2. Space Earth probing, methods and means.
3. Navigation and control systems and connection.
4. Engines. Propulsion systems and temperature-control systems of spacecraft.
5. Checkout of rocket and space equipment.
6. Mechanisms of special systems.
7. Exploitation of rocket and space equipment.
8. Mathematical methods of modelling, control and optimization.
9. Informatics and information-management systems.
10. Perspective materials and technologies in aerospace.
11. Methods and means of information security.
12. Small spacecraft: projects, exploitation.
13. Improvement of quality of specialist training in aerospace.
14. Economy questions of aerospace.
15. History of rocket and space equipment and astronautics.
16. International cooperation in space exploration.

More detailed information about the conference can be found by following this link or on the official site of the event.

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