XIV Korolev readings

Russia, Samara, Samara University

Event type: Конференция
Starts: 03.10.2017
Ends: 05.10.2017

Organizer: Samara University
Address: Moscow Highway 34

Detailed inrormation

International youth scientific conference “XIV Korolev readings” devoted to 110 anniversary of academician Korolev’s birthday, 75 anniversary of Kuibyshev Aviation Institute (Kuai)- Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU) and 60 anniversary of the first artificial Earth satellite launch will be held in Samara National Research University from 3 to 5 October 2017.

Conference themes:
1. Design and construction of rocket and space systems.
2. Perspective materials and technologies of rocket and space equipment production items. Deformable solid mechanics and strength problems.
3. Aerodynamics, flight dynamics, control and navigation of aircraft.
4. Design, production, exploitation of aviation equipment and organization of transport processes.
5. Theory, construction, safety, strength and technology of flight-type engines production.
6. Perspective research in engineering.
7. Electronics and instrument engineering.
8. Fundamental and applied mathematics.
9. Information technologies and data analysis.
10. Structure and dynamics of classical and quantum systems.
11. Physical, inorganic and organic chemistry and chromatography.
12. Bio-ecology, biochemistry and biotechnologies.
13. Economics and management of complex systems.
14. Urban and regional development management.
15. Philology and modern means of communication.
16. Space era in Russian history.
17. Modern psychology: diversity of research experience.
18. Philosophy and sociology of science.
19. Actual problems of legal regulation of social relations.

The following documents should be submitted to the Council of Student Research Work (room 210, administration building) before 1 May:
- applications for participation (application 1);
- theses of reports of 1-2 pages signed by the authors (application 2);
- electronic variant of report theses is sent to e-mail: nirs@ssau.ru; file title: surname of the first author – number of section.
- expert evaluation about the opportunity to publish materials in the public media.
The field “theme” is to be indicated as “Samara University – Korolev readings”.