Space Contest of Space University

22.12.2017, 11:33

Samara National Research University launched the second International Contest of scientific, technical and creative projects regarding aviation and cosmonautics "Starting Point". The main objective of the contest is popularization space and aviation sphere among talented youth and involving them in scientific and project activities.
"Starting Point" contest is held under the motto "Start with Yourself - Create the Future!". There is his own starting point and space idea for everyone, that is why each participant can prove himself in different categories. For someone space is other planets and cosmos area, which he can represent in art category. For someone it is the night starry sky, which he can photograph and participate in "Media Orbit" category. For some it is inventions for scientific and technical category, and for others it is astronomy or physics lesson for "Space lesson" category. 
It is worth noting that schoolchildren of 1-11 classes, students, postgraduates and teachers (Space lesson" category) can take part in the contest. Since November 15, all interested can send their projects to the contest e-mail ssaumks@gmail.com. The contest winners will go to the International Children's Camp "Artek" in Crimea.
"The children liked the unusual contest theme. After all, we know very little about space. The hours of astronomy lessons are reduced at school, there is no courses of this kind, as far as I know. But thanks to the contest, we got involved in such a great topic - the children checked on the Internet not games, but necessary and interesting details, moreover they received a lot of new information. And of course, the efforts were rewarded, the child was very happy. So, we participate again!"   - Natalia V. Trizna, supplementary education teacher of State Educational Establishment "Vietka Center for Children and Youths" (Vietka, Gomel Region, Republic of Belarus).
The contest has already launched, so we are waiting for your space projects until March 31, 2018 on the e-mail ssaumks@gmail.com. And on April 12, 2018, we will announce the winners!
Share your Starting Point with us!