Viktoriya Vyacheslavovna Levchenko


  • Head of Department of Foreign Languages and Business Communications

Academical degrees

  • Candidate degree in educational science (2002)
  • Doctoral degree in educational science (2009)

Academic rank


Research interests

Corpora as a tool of teaching and learning a language.
English as a Foreign Language.
English for academic purposes.
English-medium instruction/teaching.
Higher education.

Research results

Victoria is an author of integration approach to training students of different fields. the main idea is to work out the basic methodological ground for taeching and learning EL (English Language) where the language becomes as medium of instruction.

Research and teaching activities

As a researcher Victoria Levchenko has more then 100 publication. Her main research interests are Corpora as a tool of teaching and learning a language; English as a Foreign Language; English for academic purposes; English-medium instruction/teaching; Higher educationIn the Russian Citation Index System Victoria's h-6.
Victoria Levchenko is mostly involved in teaching ESP graduate courses (History, Sociology, Pedagogy, Law, Management, and Economics). The main focus of our classes is to explore the opportunities of becoming a part of global scientific community and to share with the world their research.

Training of scientists

Victoria Levchenko has two PhD scientists (Sokolova E., Dudovich D.) in the field of Education and Pedagogy. 


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