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12 неделя (четная)

SSAU will take an active part in the work of "space" direction of UNO

Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU) will take an active part in the work of "space" activities of the United Nations organization (UNO). This decision was taken in SSAU following a two-day visit of Sergey Chernikov, Head of the Program for Developing Countries of the UNO Committee on Space.
The United Nations, as the primary international organization made for maintaining and strengthening of international peace and security, is closely involved in the space-related fields since 1957, when the first satellite was launched into space.
The Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (shortly - Committee on Space) of the United Nations is composed of representatives of 77 countries, and other 28 countries are present as permanent observers. At the suggestion of this Committee the basic international laws on the use of outer space are made, some aspects of activity of the national space agencies are coordinated, educational dissemination system in the field of space science and technology is organized in cooperation with the governments of UNO Member States.
According to Sergey Chernikov, Samara University has a very great potential to work with the United Nations in this regard. "SSAU potential allows it to be a fully valid partner of the United Nations and for the organization of space-related international activities", - underlined Sergey Chernikov, giving a public lecture to SSAU students and young scientists.
The "road map" shape on inclusion of Samara University into implementation of the UN Program on Space Applications was outlined at the roundtable discussion with the University teachers and specialists and at the meeting with SSAU Rector Yevgeniy Shakhmatov.
The spectrum of potential cooperation between SSAU and the UNO Committee on Space is very wide: from the work of the University "project teams" in the UNO "space" educational centres in Asia, Africa and South America, to the organization of international workshop on space technology application for developing countries by the Committee on Space in future 2018 year in Samara.