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12 неделя (четная)

Nanosatellite "Samsat-218" received an airworthiness certificate

CubeSat development and production of Samara State Aerospace University complies with all safety requirements and is ready for shipment to the space launcher complex Vostochniy.
The certificate obtained by the University proves compliance of the nanosatellite "SamSat-218" with safety requirements when performing works on preparation, during the launch and flight of the carrier rocket "Soyuz-2.1a".
Samara State Aerospace University received such document for the first time in the history of the University.
"It is very important for us, because our young team worked at the highest level, which is now demanded on the space engineers. And I'm not mistaken if I say that none Russian universities has such a document", - said Professor Igor Belokonov, Head of Inter-University Department of Space Research.
The nanosatellite certification was performed by CJSC "Certification Centre of Rocket and Space Technology" within the framework of Federal system of space technology certification.
For reference
The first students’ nanosatellite "SamSat-218" was made by the students and scientists of Samara State Aerospace University. It will participate in the first launch campaign from the space launcher complex Vostochniy.
The nanosatellite "SamSat-218" solves a number of technological and educational problems. Primarily, it is intended for testing the control algorithms of nanosatellites orientation.
Besides, SSAU scientists are going to control the processes occurring on board from a mobile device connected to a mobile satellite communication system GlobalStar, through the use of the nanosatellite. The experiment authors are intended to "call" on board by a mobile terminal and to receive the necessary telemetry information on the flight.
The launch from the new Russian space launcher complex is scheduled for spring 2016. First of all, Samara carrier rocket "Soyuz-2.1a" will be launched from Vostochniy and will place into orbit another unit made by SSAU and the Rocket and Space Centre "Progress" - small spacecraft "Aist 2".
Photo: Gennadiy Yastrebkov