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12 неделя (четная)

Samara University has risen sharply in the world university rankings QS EECA

Samara University (until May 2016 - Samara State Aerospace University) was ranked among the 110 best universities in the developing countries of Europe and Central Asia in the international QS University Rankings: Emerging Europe and Central Asia (QS EECA). Last year SSAU formed a group of universities, holding the 141-150 places of this rating.
Such a sharp rise (over 30 places) of Samara University in one of the most authoritative world rankings obviously may be explained by the two factors.
First of all, it is the University participation in the federal program on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities "5-100". "During the implementation of this program from year to year the number of foreign scientific and pedagogical workers and foreign students are increased, as well as the citation level. And this naturally affects our progress in the ranking. I think that this trend will continue in the future as more and more university staff is involved in the implementation of the program "5-100" and begin to publish their articles in Scopus and Web of Science, and, in general, begin to understand better what requirements must be followed to ensure that our university has successfully moved up the international rankings", - stressed Vladimir Bogatyrev, Vice Rector of Samara University.
The second factor is the worldwide growth in popularity of the University that influenced the rise in the ranking of QS EECA-2016. "We hold more and more international events, invite foreign experts, professors and scientists to visit us. For this reason, a growing number of experts give us their votes in the questionnaire of the ranking compliers all around the world. And the importance of their opinions in this ranking is very high. The join of the two universities was also beneficial for our reputation. This year those experts who had previously voted separately for SSAU and SSU in the ranking, gave their votes for the joined Samara University", - confirmed Vladimir Bogatyrev.
Completion of the consolidation process, including efforts of the scientists from two universities to conduct joint scientific researches, transformation of the University faculties into institutions and establishment of the strategic academic units will allow Samara University to take the next step to improve its position in the world rankings.
For reference
QS University Rankings: Emerging Europe and Central Asia (QS EECA). Rating of the universities in developing countries in Europe and Central Asia was first made by the rating agency QS in 2014. A year later, Samara University ranked among the 150 best universities in this ranking. In 2016 it moved up to the group of the 101-110 best universities of QS EECA. The universities of 30 countries are annually assessed in the rating, including the states of the former "Eastern Bloc", Turkey, the CIS and Baltic countries. In total, the study analyses the results of 500 universities and designates the top 200 in the overall rating.
QS Top Universities BRICS. In the summer of 2014 Samara University was first included in the top 200 of the best higher educational institutions of the BRICS countries, prepared by the British company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). It entered the group of universities ranked the 151-200 lines of the rating. In 2015 the university repeated this result. The data for 2016 has not been published yet.
Rating of Russian universities of RAEX Agency (Expert RA). In the first ranking (in 2012), the University was on the 35th lane, and in 2016 it took the 26th place. In addition, meanwhile Samara University managed to make significant progress in the ranking of the best Russian universities in the categories "demand for graduates by employers" (from the 52th to the 15th place) and "the level of research activity" (from the 52th to the 18th place).