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12 неделя (четная)

Memorandum on cooperation to be signed

On Thursday, June the 8th, the delegation from France visited Samara University. The delegation included the CEO of Economic Development Committee of Val-d’Oise department Jean-Francois Benon, the project manager of economic development and foreign affairs of Economic Development Committee of Val-d’Oise department Emmanuel Destieux, the Vice President of the University of Cergy Tkhe Hung Diep, the director of an organization " Le Mouvement des Enterprises du Val d’Oise", the CEO of SITOUR company Philippe Ecran,  the CEO of EF1 Consulting Company  Eric Faron and some other representatives of industrial and business enterprises of Val-d’Oise province.
Addressing the representatives of Samara University, Jean-Francois Benon mentioned that the delegation had visited Samara in autumn for the first time and achievements of the regional aerospace cluster had left a lasting impression on them.
"The aircraft segment industry is very important for our province from an economic point of view. Dassault Falcon crafts are assembled on the territory of Val-d’Oise province. The representatives of such huge corporations as Boeing also function there. Many companies of our region are also engaged in aircraft industry", Jean-Francois Benon said.
One more segment which awoke interest of the French representatives is the biomedical sector of Samara University.
"We are impressed by work of university in this direction. A reasonable combination of industrial opportunities and university laboratories is extremely valuable. I have visited many universities of the world and can say with confidence that the progress which Samara University has made in biomedical technologies in particular can serve as a good example to any people, including our province", Jean-Francois Benon said.
Key information on Samara University, its opportunities, educational programs and projects under realization was drawn from the report of Vice-rector for Educational and Foreign Affairs Vladimir Bogatyrev.
In response the Vice President of the University of Cergy Tkhe Hung Diep mentioned the similarities of both universities. The same number of students – over 18000, a similar structure of the universities, a similar set of qualifications and educational programs, similar positions in global international rankings – all this allows to define areas of mutually beneficial cooperation and to interact efficiently.
In the course of the meeting the agreement on signing a memorandum between Samara University and  the University of Cergy-Pontoise in the nearest future was reached.
"We are interested in cooperation with France, with Val-d’Oise province. One could observe similar points of our universities. It is worthwhile starting cooperation with academic mobility – student exchange and visiting professor programs. This is the first step, which can be made very quickly. From this point on we could take up development issues with double degree programs, joint scientific research programs and some other projects", Vladimir Bogatyrev said.
Within the framework of the visit to Samara University the French delegation also visited Space Data Receiving and Processing Center and Interuniversity Department of Space Research, where the guests were told about the university functioning in the area of satellite manufacturing, its own satellite group orbit and nanosatellites manufacturing.
Photos by Maria Kuznetsova