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12 неделя (четная)

Samara University is in 400 top European universities according to THE

On Wednesday 21 June British ranking agency Times Higher Education (THE) presented a ranking of the best European universities. Russia is represented in the European top by 24 universities.
Samara National Research University is in 301+ group of this ranking. In this group one can find such universities as MISIS National University of Science and Technology, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, RUDN university.
Наиболее широко в европейском рейтинге THE представлена Великобритания – на ее долю приходится примерно 22% списка или 91 вуз. Второе место в "общекомандном зачете" заняла Германия, на чью долю приходится 41 позиция в рейтинге. Всего в рейтинге лучших университетов Европы 2017 г. представлены 35 ​​европейских стран.
Great Britain is represented the most widely in the European ranking of THE – its share is 22% from the list or 91 university. The second place in the "team rating" was taken by Germany with 41 position in the ranking. All in all 35 European countries are represented in the ranking of the best European universities.
For reference
The university is steadily improving its positions in the leading international rankings. In 2016–2017 the university managed to enter the leading global rankings of QS and THE. Earlier starting from 2014 the university could take its place in regional and subject international rankings. It was as well included into 110 best universities of the developing countries of Europe and Central Asia in the QS EECA ranking and was included in the number of the best universities of BRICS: TOP-200 according to QS and TOP-300 in THE.
This year Times Higher Education published the ranking made up for universities working in European countries. THE ranking is formed on the basis of 13 indicators formed into 5 groups of indexes and reflecting the fields of excellence in universities: education, research, citation, industry income (R&D) and internalization.