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12 неделя (четная)

From September 2017 students of Samara University will be able to study in France

On Wednesday, 22 June, Samara National Research University was visited by Director of the Toulouse campus of IPSA (Institut polytechnique des sciences avancées) Jean-Marc Chalin and employee of the International Department of this university Marina Katernikova.
In the course of the visit the guests met Vice-rector for Educational and Foreign Affairs of Samara University Vladimir Bogatyrev, Director of the Institute of Engine and Power Plant Engineering Alexander Ermakov and Director of the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering Valeriy Elenev. The main purpose of the visit was to sign the agreement on the launch of network programmes: international mobility and double degree programmes between Samara University and IPSA (Paris-Toulouse).
The guests studied the material base of Samara University by visiting laboratories of the Department of Aircraft Engine Construction and Design including Aviation Engines History Centre, the Department of Engine Production Technology of Aircraft Engines including the laboratory of additive technologies and Interdepartamental education and production research centre of CAM-technologies.
 "We got acquainted with Samara University and are sure that will complement each other brilliantly. The signed agreement for us is a unique opportunity to work with a Russian university in which the practical part of education is developed, vast experience of real work in engine design and construction is gathered", - Jean-Marc Chalin told in the course of the meeting.
Double degree agreement between Samara University and IPSA (Paris-Toulouse) was signed by Vladimir Bogatyrev.
The aim of the document is to determine the contents of joint French-Russian network education programme between the Institute of Engine and Power Plant Engineering of Samara University and Department of Transport Systems of IPSA. The agreement will allow the students of two universities to get education in Russia and France. On completion of education the students will get the second diploma from the partner university.
The agreement is about two master programmes: "Aircraft Engines and Power Plant Engineering" in Samara University and "Aerospace Techniques and Technology" in IPSA.
According to the conditions of the agreement on completion of the Bachelor’s degree in Samara and specialist’s degree in France (8 terms) the exchange students will continue their education in France and Russia during 2 terms and then will have a practical term in their educational institution, then they go to the partners and write during the term a diploma paper. Being in the partner university the students will be studying the same programme as the local students. The master’s degree paper is written in English. On the defense of the thesis lecturers from the partner university will be present.
The transition period is planned on 2017/2018 academic year and presupposes studying during two terms.
The students will be responsible for the search of financial support to cover living and travelling expenses. The partner universities promise support in receiving of national and international scholarships by university participants of the programme.
The agreement is made for 10 years from the moment of its signing. The programme will be launched from September of 2017.
"This agreement implies two types of exchange: international mobility – studying during one term and master’s double degree programme. According to the first scheme in September of 2017 we are ready to send to Samara 8 people. Two more ones will come for master’s degree programme," – Jean-Marc Chalin added.
At the meeting with Vladimir Bogatyrev and Director of Samara University International Office Sergey Tiz the questions of widening of joint educational programmes with other Institutes of Samara University were asked. Thus, IPSA University is interested in educational modules in the spheres of electronics and space technology. Guests from France were interested in participation in the International summer space school.
For reference
Cooperation agreement with IPSA - Institut polytechnique des sciences avancées is made in 2016. The same year four students from this university were educated at Samara University during a term on the programme "Powerplants and energy systems of aircraft". During 2016/2017 four IPSA students were educated at Samara University and student of Samara University Igor Shkokov was studying in the Paris campus of IPSA.
Currently 5 foreign universities participate in the double degree programme as partners of Samara University: Stuttgart University, Germany (master’s degree on aircraft engines), Universidad de Vigo, Spain (master’s degree on radio engineering), Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland (master’s degree on mechatronics), Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA (PhD programme on optics) and Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Germany (master’s degree programme "Russian language and communication in the professional sphere").
Photo: Anton Zaika