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Samara University Held the Hackathon “Cyber Debut 2024”

Samara University Held the Hackathon “Cyber Debut 2024”

Самарский университет

The students developed the personal-expense accounting service

07.02.2024 2024-02-16
On February 03 and 04, Samara University hosted a bright student event – the Hackathon “Cyber Debut 2024” for students of the Institute of Informatics and Cybernetics, co-organized by the Mediasoft company.

For two days, students of the 1st and 2nd courses worked in teams on the task of developing the personal-expense accounting service. The teams were guided by curators – students of the 3rd – 5th courses, with product development skills. The organizers were 4th course students.

It took just 2 days for the teams to implement ready-made functional services, using advanced technologies and methods. The experts noted that in their projects, the students showed high-level technical competence and applied the creative approach.

The 1st place was taken by the DAND-I team, which impressed the jury with its innovative solution including gamification elements, and created the working prototype of its service. The silver medalists were the Tinkov team, which successfully integrated speech recognition into its project. The 3rd place was awarded to the Riveo team, which implemented the full-fledged multiplatform application.

All the winners and participants were awarded with memorable gifts from the Mediasoft company and senior managers of the Institute of Informatics and Cybernetics.

“Like all hackathons, this one forced me to face those areas I had not worked with before, and get aware of the way I should develop in future”, told us Aleksandra Semenova, Captain of the DAND-I team.

Ivan Chumakov was recognized as the best curator. He guided the DAND-I team. The team members noted that the curator not only helped them implement the idea, but also taught them new technologies and organized productive work.

“It was important to set a vector towards the goal for each team member and clear the way as much as possible from obstacles in the form of misunderstanding of a particular concept”, shared his impressions Ivan.

For students of the 1st and 2nd courses, participating in such an event makes it possible for them to start early developing their skills in technical and communicative interaction. Teamwork under curators’ guidance helps them learn new technologies and operating methods faster. Acting as curators, students of the 3rd – 5th courses not only share their experience and knowledge, but also gain valuable experience in project management and development of young professionals.

“The hackathon format facilitates building competencies a lot, because the motivation is mainly due to time constraints. And for myself, I have long learned one simple truth: if you want to upgrade your hard skills, set yourself a task that you can’t even imagine how to complete”, said Sergey Sidorov, Curator of the Tinkov team.

“To my mind, there should be more such events, because, due to them, our University’s students can get more new experience and get closer to corporate project development”, noted Egor Ledyaev, Captain of the Riveo team.