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Why I choose Samara University?

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 Why I choose Samara University?

TASS.COM: Russian scientists developing space "vision" for agriculture

The university expects that space technology should increase the efficiency of crop cultivation, reduce fertilizer consumption and increase crop yields by about a quarter

The development by young scientists at Samara University will increase the reliability of nanosatellites communication with the Earth

The Department of Space Research has developed an innovative way to disclose CubeSat class antennas

Artificial intelligence to improve accelerator reliability

The platform developed by scientists at Samara University will automatically detect anomalies in linear accelerators used for both nuclear physics research and cancer treatment

Samara scientists have developed a system for predicting technical problems

Compact, self-learning intelligent system can be applied to airplanes, drones, robots and factory conveyors

Samara students will develop an all-Russian web service for issuing permits for drone flights

Innovation Promotion Fund grant has been allocated for the implementation of the project, implemented with the Aeronet NTI support

Reliable supports for earth equipment

Samara University has developed a line of universal vibration mounts with space safety factor
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