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Psychological Trainings

Event type: Собрание
Location: Самара, Moskovskoe Shosse, 34
Date: 13.11.2023 - 22.11.2023 (17:00)
Organizer: Socio-psychological Center of Samara University

Detailed information

The project from the Socio-psychological Center of Samara University "Deep down" is ready to present new psychological trainings on the most important topics!

Do you want to better understand your condition?
Do you intend to learn more about human interaction?

Then register for the lecture from November 13th to 22nd at the Media Center on the South Court to get your knowledge about the world of psychology

13 November
14.00 (408-15 dep.) - "Emotional Speech and Verbal Violence: Challenges of Distinction and Prevention"
16.30 (408-15 dep.) - " World Creation"

14 November
17.00 (408-15 dep.) - "Attachment. Attachment Types"
18.30 (408-15 dep.) - "Will You Be Like the Great Nehoucha? - The Results of a 20-day Experiment to Overcome Depression and Laziness"

17 November
16.30 (408-15 dep.) - "What to Do with the Alarm?"
18.30 (408-15 dep.) - "Self-knowledge"

20 November
15.30 (408-15 dep.) - "Fear of Error and Inaction"

21 November
17.30 (408-15 dep.) - "Interactive Lecture on Psychology and Ourselves"

22 November
15.30 (408-15 dep.) - "Privacy Paradox: Why Do We Allow Our Borders to Be Violated?

Fill in the Google form, noting the lectures that interested you and wait for the following details about our project! See you later❤