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Evgeny Primakov Opens Regional Centre for the Development of Public Diplomacy and International Relations

Evgeny Primakov Opens Regional Centre for the Development of Public Diplomacy and International Relations

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The grandson of the legendary diplomat noted that this is the best form of keeping the memory of such people

09.02.2023 2023-02-22
On Wednesday, February 8, on the Day of Russian Science, Samara University was visited by Evgeny Primakov, head of Rossotrudnichestvo Federal Agency. Together with the governor of Samara region Dmitry Azarov he opened the Regional Centre for the Development of Public Diplomacy and International Relations named after Evgeny Maksimovich Primakov – his grandfather.

Evgeny Maksimovich Primakov is a legendary figure in the Russian politics; his service record includes positions as director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, foreign minister, and prime minister of the country.
The famous politician visited Samara three times. In 2001 he visited the Samara Aerospace University (now the Samara University), in 2003 the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and in 2009 the production shops of the Progress Rocket Space Centre.
Looking at the photos depicting Evgeny Maksimovich Primakov during his three visits to Samara, his grandson confessed, “I’m really moved. I see many of these pictures for the first time, and it was a very pleasant surprise. Evgeny Maksimovich was not a man prone to complacency. I believe that the best memory of a man like my grandfather is creation of such scientific centers of diplomacy and establishment of scholarships or grants in his name. In this case, the cause to which Evgeny Maksimovich devoted his life acquires new meanings.”
The exposition devoted to Evgeny Maksimovich Primakov tells about his life and work. All photographs and copies of documents were provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia with the assistance of Farit Mukhametshin, the Senator representing Samara region. “The senator has done a lot to get this center up and running. In many respects this is not only his personal initiative, but also his merit,” said Governor Dmitry Azarov, member of the Federation Council.
On the same day, Evgeny Primakov and Rector Vladimir Bogatyrev put their signatures under an agreement on cooperation between Rossotrudnichestvo and Samara University.
Then Evgeny Primakov gave a lecture to students of the international program and foreign students on “Public Diplomacy, Soft Power, Humanitarian Policy – Why do we need it all?”
“The Regional Center for the Development of Public Diplomacy and International Relations, working on the basis of Samara University, began its work even before its official opening,” said Vladimir Bogatyrev. “Seven youth clubs work here on a permanent basis. They introduce students to the culture and language of France, Germany, England, Turkey and China, and UNESCO activities, while Isclub brings together the students from around the world. The Center’s staff organizes the Week of Russian Diplomacy, holds UN Model and SCO Model inter-university games, as well as SamInter student competition of creative works on international topics. In 2022, cooperation agreements were signed here with the Institute of Latin American Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute for US and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Last year the UN Hall opened here, where international students met with consuls and ambassadors of different countries. Students can communicate with Russian and foreign experts via videoconference.
Photo: Evgeny Gurin, Olesya Orina