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Samara University to Help Venezuela Train Civil Aviation Specialists

Samara University to Help Venezuela Train Civil Aviation Specialists

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A cooperation agreement is being prepared

14.02.2023 2023-02-22
Samara University will help Venezuela train civil aviation specialists. The preliminary agreement was reached during the university visit of a delegation of representatives of the National Institute of Civil Aviation and the University Institute of Civil Aviation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The National Institute of Civil Aviation of Venezuela (INAC) is the government agency that regulates air transport in the country, and the University Institute of Civil Aviation provides, under the auspices of INAC, training and retraining of aviation industry professionals in 140 educational areas.

“We know that Samara University has a lot of experience in training aviation specialists. The aviation industry is booming now in Venezuela, and we need training and retraining in various areas. That is why we would like to sign a cooperation agreement with Samara University that would allow us to educate our students and specialists in Samara, to organize educational exchanges and training programs,” Brigadier General Ruben Barreto, head of INAC HR Administration, said at a meeting with the leadership of Samara University.
According to the director of the University Institute of Civil Aviation Doris Suarez, the Venezuelan side is planning a long-term and extensive cooperation with Samara University.
“Samara University certainly has all the necessary opportunities and competences to organize such an interaction and cooperation. Details of projects and tasks will be handled by members of the Institute of Aviation and Space-Rocket Engineering and the Institute of Informatics and Cybernetics of Samara University. In addition, we have many Latin American undergraduate and postgraduate students, including those from Venezuela; many have already graduated from our university. I think they could participate in many projects under the future agreement. Let’s start working together,” Andrei Prokofyev, First Vice Rector and Vice Rector for Research at Samara University summed up the meeting.
During the visit, guests from Venezuela also attended the scientific laboratories and departments of the university and the university’s Aviation Engine History Centre, where they became acquainted with the world’s largest collection of Soviet and Russian aircraft engines. In conversations with Samara colleagues, the guests expressed their admiration for the beauty of the Volga landscapes of Samara in winter and confessed that many Venezuelans know the word “Samara” literally since childhood – in their country, Lada Samara cars of the VAZ family were very popular.
Photo: Olesya Orina