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One and a Half Hundred Students Joined the “Club Honors” of the University

One and a Half Hundred Students Joined the “Club Honors” of the University

Самарский университет

The awards were given to those who were straight “A” students for four semesters

03.11.2023 2023-11-16
Samara University held the solemn awarding ceremony for straight “A” students. This title is awarded to those who have completed four semesters in a row only with excellent grades. There were so many such young people that the award ceremony had to be divided into two parts. Its first part was entirely dedicated to straight “A” students of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The awarding ceremony began with parting words to the students of the Vice Rector for Educational Work and Youth Policy Mikhail Leonov, and Vice Rector for General Affairs Mikhail Kovalev.

Mikhail Kovalev noted that since 2017, 13 ceremonies of awarding badges “Straight “A” Student of Samara University” have already been held. At present, this elite club consists of 1,790 people. “Wear this badge with pride”, addressed Mikhail Kovalev the students. “Glorify our University with your victories!”

Badges and certificates “Straight “A” Student” have been received by students of all the Institutes and Faculties. In total, 150 students that study at the University in bachelor’s, master’s and specialty programs.

Vladislava Lizneva study at the Faculty of Philology and Journalism. She believes that the secret of successful studies is in single-mindedness. “You need to make efforts – to attend additional classes, to read extra literature, i.e. not only books and articles provided for in the program”, convinces the girl. “It is also necessary to listen to the teachers’ advice, attend classes as much as possible”. On the eve of the upcoming session, Vladislava recommended freshmen not to worry and trust themselves: “Once the teachers were students, and they understand us!”

Vladimir Nedugov, a 3rd-year student of the Institute of Informatics and Cybernetics, studies Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technology, and is sure that the goal of training is not to get excellent grades, but knowledge. This approach allows him to complete his session without “fours”. “There were interesting subjects in the first year, and it was pleasure for me to study them. Yes, I spent a lot of time. In the second year, some subjects happened not to be so exciting, I caught myself shifting the learning tasks “for later”. I remembered the goal. And yes, it's easy to learn when the subjects are interesting, but even if they seem to you not to be useful, it’s worth remembering that knowledge makes man rich!”

Vladimir is seriously interested in collegiate programming. He believes that solving Olympiad problems brings great benefits both in terms of programming skills, and mathematical thinking, as well as future employment. “I recommend everyone to participate in Olympiads, competitions and hackathons”, shared the student his life hack.

Maria Reznichenko, Head of the Extracurricular Work Department, ended the awarding ceremony with warm words, “Dear students! I congratulate you on this achievement. I invite you to remember those who helped you rise to this stage today – your mentors, teachers”.

Photo: Ivan Igoshin