федеральное государственное автономное образовательное учреждение высшего образования
«Самарский национальный исследовательский университет имени академика С.П. Королева»
Field of study: 22.03.02 Metallurgy
Level and credentials: Bachelor’s Degree (UNESCO ISCED-2011 Level 6)
Program manager: Mr. Alexander Kuzin 
E-mail: kuzin.ao@ssau.ru
Language of instruction: Russian
Mode of study: full-time
Duration: 4 years
Full tuition scholarship: available through “Education in Russia” website
Tuition fee: 167, 600 RUB per year

About the program
Metallurgy underpins the development of leading sectors of today’s world economy, and thus graduates from Digital Engineering in Metallurgy are in demand for high-paying roles. The industry has changed massively in the past years. The shift towards “white” metallurgy and cyber-physical systems in production requires industry employees to have knowledge and expertise in the areas of information technology, including digital modeling, big data analytics, and design of computer-based systems.
The objective of the Bachelor’s degree program is to prepare students for careers in digital engineering and related disciplines, including digital organizational and technological design, and optimization of manufacturing processes and operation modes. Emphasis is on the development and implementation of digital twins, which allow predicting malfunctions and failures. The program aims to make students acquainted with computer-aided design and modeling of engineering processes, and stresses acquisition of in-depth knowledge in materials science and heat treatment of metals and alloys.

Intended learning outcomes
The program provides you with the opportunity to develop advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of plastic deformation of metals, including trends in the development of relevant mechanisms, new material research and design methods, and quality and industrial management. Our graduates have demonstrated their ability to develop and implement end-to-end solutions – from material development to manufacturing of marketable products – for such strategic industries as aerospace, nuclear, and oil.

Graduate destinations
Engineering Technologist
Design Engineer
IT Engineer
Data Analyst
Chief Engineer
Technical Director
Project Manager
Manufacturing Manager