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144 students from all over the world visited Samara University online

144 students from all over the world visited Samara University online

Самарский университет

Samara University run the first 7 online international schools for students from leading QS Top-400 universities

10.11.2020 2020-11-10
Center of international short-term educational programs launched 5 new programs for international students in online mode in 2020: "High Technology Management", "Russian Language and Culture", "International Law", "Space Materials and Technologies" and "Fashion Studies".

Center together with institutes of Samara University conducted 7 international online schools, which were attended by 144 students from leading foreign universities (QS Top-400 ranking) in total from July to November 2020.

Director of the Center, Olga Esipova says: "The pandemic gave us an impetus to launch a new educational product – online summer schools, which allowed us to significantly expand the audience of students, and also stimulated the ability to attract students not only in the summer, but also all year round, regardless of the season. Certainly, the new format required a different approach to the organization of educational, cultural and social activities, so it was necessary to restructure plenty of processes. And participants appreciated the result of the effective work".

The team of the Center has been implementing international short-term programs on a regular basis since 2015 in the format of full-time summer schools in various areas: high-tech management, startup project management, robotics, Russian language. Educational programs underwent changes in 2020 caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which served as an incentive to develop two-week educational programs in a remote format on online platforms.

The format of the online program consists of two components: the educational part – the main part – and the cultural and excursion program.

Educational process takes place in the form of online classes via online platform of Samara University BigBlueButton. The cultural and excursion program of international schools includes virtual excursions around Samara city, cooking master class, online tour to the training airfield and museum of aeronautics and astronautics of Samara University.

Technical support for the online international schools is provided by the team of "Tochka Kipenia" ("Boiling Point") of Samara University.

Upon successful completion of the online program, students receive certificates with ECTS credits.

The Center launched the first online schools "High Technology Management" and "Russian Language and Culture" in July 2020. These programs previously took place only in full-time format from 2015 and 2019 respectively.

International online school "Russian Language and Culture" aroused high interest among foreign students and was held three times: in July, September and October 2020. This school includes intensive study of the Russian language and also classes of the history of Russia, acquaintance with cultural peculiarities and traditions. This program is developed and implemented jointly with the faculty of philology and journalism of Samara University.

Graduates of international online school share their experience and emotions:

"I really love all parts of "Russian Language and Culture" online school. The first one, of course, is the language class! I enjoyed every moment. Even though Russian language is hard but it"s very fun to learn especially in this small group of cheerful people which is my group. Also I love online tours in Samara city. It makes me fall in love with Samara city. I hope that one day I will get an opportunity to go there. Perhaps I wish I could study there!" – Amira Aina, Malaysia, University Teknologi MARA.

"It felt like I was there in Samara! Thanks to the organizational team of online school! I learned a lot about Russian culture and the history of Samara and Russia in general. I got acquainted with the rich history of the country, which is proof that Russia has always been a great power. The language course was challenging but our teacher was very competent and my classmates where supportive so it was fun and I learned a lot. The cooking master class we had was super awesome and I still make pancakes every morning since I learned how to do it. My family loved them! I recommend this course for everyone and I will definitely do it again to visit Samara some time!" – Sanni Kupke, Finland, University of Jyväskylä.

"At first I thought it is just indoor, ordinary classes but I"m quite surprised because there were tours, games, cultural programs which excites me to the most! The class felt realistic and I feel like we immersed with the local in the Samara city and the international schools. My goal is to learn Russian language. And I wish to skate along the embankment during winter later. My 2020 great memory will be this one", – Elisya Nurdayana, Malaysia, University Teknologi MARA.

The Center organized and conducted the first international online school "International Law" in August 2020. The online program was developed in collaboration with lecturers of the faculty of law of Samara University.

"What attracted me to study at summer school, it was doing something actually useful with my summer. I came to Samara University, because it offered one of the most interesting and diverse programs in International Law. And I was right! You have so many informative courses and events! Though the summer school 2020 was online only, they put their biggest effort into it to make it as memorable as possible. Thank you for everything!" – Nicolas Gutzwiller, Switzerland, University of Zurich.

"This summer I had the opportunity to study International Law with Samara University. It was a great experience to discover Russian culture through various activities (cooking, sightseeing) while learning more about International Law. The difference of backgrounds (nationalities, areas of studies and jobs) among participants but also professors encouraged debates and discussions that were of a great interest! The organizational team was responsive, adapting to the pandemic period through the usage of new technologies! I hope nevertheless being able to meet them in person in Samara next year! Thank you!" – Melvina Stiebitz, France, University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas.

"I had an incredible experience this year with the international summer school of Law of Samara National Research University. These 2 weeks exceeded my expectations and increased my knowledge in different areas of law, for example, International Criminal Law, Conflict and Negotiations, Human Rights Law, International Economic Law etc. The most wonderful area that I have been quite inspired by is International Space Law. This futuristic area of law left me quite impressed!

At the same time we had social and cultural programs that consisted in walkings around Samara city, excursions to museums and a fun master class on souvenirs "Russia through the ages".

I really recommend this course. All students have this great experience because we had excellent teachers very good study materials and also a great team from the Samara University that accompanied us every moment throughout the course.

I hope next year to be able to return to Samara but in person. Thank you, Samara University, for the great opportunity!"
– Olga Elena Ramírez Poggi, Peru, Universidad de Lima.

Also in 2020, a new engineering international online school "Space Materials and Technologies" was developed together with Vladimir Glushchenkov, professor of the department of metal forming. The educational program was implemented from October 20 to November 3, 2020, with the support of the institute of rocket and space technology and the institute of engines and power plants. 26 foreign students of leading universities participated in this school.

School participants note:

"Thanks a lot to Samara University! I learned many new things throughout the program "Space Materials and Technologies" I even learned about smart sheet metal forming and experienced to form one by using Sprutcam Robot. Besides, I also liked the welding process class, especially the friction stir welding. Overall, it was a very fun and interesting experience with Samara University!" – Farra Atiqa Binti Azmi, Malaysia, University Teknologi MARA.

"To tell the truth, I highly appreciated the course "Space Materials and Technologies", as it gave a comprehensive understanding of modern technologies used in the aerospace industry. I highly recommend this course to engineering students and young graduates, as well as professionals who want to take a fresh look at the latest technologies and design philosophy. In addition, the alternation of technical subjects with the cultural program made the school more interesting, created a relaxed working environment and made it possible to see real life in Russia with your own eyes", – Giulio Malinverno, Italy, Politecnico di Milano.

In addition to conducting the above mentioned online schools, the Center arranged a program for international students "Fashion Studies", which was held remotely.

"Here we can feel how to be a fashion designer. We also learn the basics in fashion such as style and fashion illustration, and digital fashion. Both are important as style and fashion illustration help us in giving birth to idea and digital fashion helps us to transform the idea into various form. This program is great for us to have an exposure to fashion industry and also polish ones talent", – Wellter Anak Johny, Malaysia, University Teknologi MARA.

"Actually I just enjoyed these 2 weeks! At the international online school "Fashion Studies" I felt like a real fashion designer! We studied the basics of fashion, illustration and digital fashion. All these items are important because style and fashion illustration help us create an idea, and digital fashion helps us transform our idea into different forms. This program is great for getting to know the fashion industry as well as the brilliant talents in fashion at Samara University", – Nur Haziqah Binti Mohd Ibrahim, Malaysia, University Teknologi MARA.

It is planned to launch four new short-term educational programs in the online format in winter 2021: international schools "Additive Manufacturing", "Sustainable Business Development", "Conflicts and Negotiations" and "Project Management". The online program "Additive Manufacturing" is being developed jointly with the institute of engines and power plants. It is planned to attract participants from the world"s leading universities. The educational program "Sustainable Business Development" will be implemented with the participation of professor of the department of Economics of Samara University, PhD Ekaterina Markelova.


Center of international short-term educational programs was established in 2019 on the basis of the institute of Economics and Management of Samara University. The programs implemented by the Center have been conducted in full-time since 2015. Over the past three years, 432 international students from 42 countries and 63 leading international universities, as well as 37 teachers of Samara University and 10 foreign lecturers have participated in the Center"s programs. The Center organizes educational programs in online format since 2020.