Public Relations Center

Samara University Public Relations Center provides interaction of university with the mass media, prepares and disseminates information about the university scientific and educational activities through the media and social media resources.
The center has its own video production studio, as well as the group providing online broadcasting.
The center specialists supervise the activities of "The Polyot" newspaper, the "Samara University" youth news agency; they also provide content-support of the university Internet portal and its official groups in social networks.
The center's tasks also include production of the Samara University presentation, souvenir and promotional merchandise.
Head of the Center – Evgeniy V. Kornilov
Head of Marketing Communications Department – Olga V. Bukhner
Head of Information Support Department – Irina A. Kudrina
Head of the Media Production Group – Sergey M. Sluzhaev
Phone: +7 846 267-44-99, room 211, building 15.