федеральное государственное автономное образовательное учреждение высшего образования
«Самарский национальный исследовательский университет имени академика С.П. Королева»

1. The dormitories of Samara National Research University (Samara University) provide housing to full time students of the University who are not residents of Samara, including postgraduate and doctoral students, trainees, students of preparatory courses, students enrolled in continuing education and professional improvement programs, for the duration of their studies. Full-time graduate and postgraduate students who are enrolled into free public education state programs have priority. In exceptional cases, the Rector retains the right to provide lodging to students who are residents of Samara, and to other groups. International students have the same rights and responsibilities as Russian citizens.

2. All categories of students obtain housing at the Dormitories by order issued by the Students' Town directorate. To obtain the order, the students must provide (in person) an application, a signed Mutual Responsibilities Agreement, and an order of the Rector, approved by the Vice-Rector for Education and Students' Union. Residents of the dormitory are registered by the police as required by law. Residing in the dormitories without due registration is strictly forbidden.

3. Residents of the dormitory and the University Administration, according to the Charter of Samara University and the Provisions for students' dormitories at Samara University, must sign the Mutual Responsibilities Agreement.

4. On moving in to the dormitory, the student must personally submit to the Head of the Dormitory the following documents:
a) Passport;
b) the Order for lodging, and the proof of payment for the lodging;
c) a medical certificate, satisfying the requirements established by Medical Service of Samara University.

5. The resident of the dormitory is allotted a space in one of the bedrooms for the period specified in the Mutual Responsibilities Agreement. Unauthorized relocation of residents to another room is not allowed.

6. When the residents stops being a student of the University, including after graduation, or on eviction from the dormitory for violation of the present Regulations, or on the end of the time specified in Mutual Responsibilities Agreement, the resident must, in 15 days time, pay any debts accumulated during lodging, return the bedding or any other valuables issued to them by the Dormitory, clean up the occupied space, return the key from the room to the Head of the Dormitory, resign from the police registration, and leave the dormitory.

7. Applicants who have not passed entrance examinations must leave the dormitory in three days following the announcement of the examinations' results. Those who file an appeal must leave the dormitory in three days after the examination commission rejects the appeal. Those who were not admitted to the university on the results of a contest must leave the dormitory three days after the announcement of the results of the contest.

8. Eviction of residents from the dormitory for violation of the Internal Regulations is carried out on the basis of an order signed by the Rector, and in accordance with Article 110 of the Russian Federation Residential Code, the Statute of Samara University, and the Mutual Responsibility Agreement.

9. The lodging, inclusive of the cost of electricity and other resources, is paid for in set monthly payments, collected by the Administration of the University. The receipt for payment is provided by the Students' Department of the University's Accounting Service, and the money is paid to the University's Cashiers. The resident who vacate the dormitory space for holidays or academic break does not have to pay for this period, provided that the resident returns the bedding and informs, in writing, the Head of the Dormitory and the Students' Town Administration that the space is available for lodging by other students or applicants.

10. Residents of the dormitories are issued standard passes to the dormitories, and must show these passes to the security personnel on the checkpoints when entering the dormitory. University teachers may enter the dormitory on showing their teachers' IDs.

11. A resident may not take out of the dormitory large-sized object (e.g. boxes, suitcases, electronic equipment) without a special permit issued by the Head of the Dormitory.

12. Residents must confirm the reception of bedding and other dormitory property with their personal signature. Relocating the said property into another room is forbidden. The recipients of the property bear full responsibility for its damage or loss according to current legislation.

13. The rules concerning the visitors.

  • People who are not residents of the dormitory (including Samara University students, relatives and guests of the residents) may enter the dormitory from 8:00 to 22:00.
  • The residents' family members are permitted to stay overnight provided there is available space for their lodging, they register their stay with the police and pay the established fee.
  • All visitors' names are entered in a log by security personnel. Visitors must provide a passport or other means of identification. Security personnel also logs the time of entry and leaving the buildings, and any notes to the visitors' behavior.
  • The security officer calls the resident to the entry checkpoint where the visitors are waiting. The resident leaves their dormitory pass at the entry checkpoint, after which the visitors are allowed to enter the dormitory.
  • No later than 23:00 the resident must, in person, see their guests to the checkpoint, see them leave the dormitory, and collect their dormitory pass.
  • The resident bears full responsibility for the behavior of their guests and the guests compliance with the present Regulations.
  • The residents are obliged to try to keep visits to the dormitory to a minimum.

14. From 23:00 and 6:00, any noise making in the dorm is prohibited, and no lights must be lit except in the common halls and corridors.

15. Residents are informed about the Regulations by the Head of the Dormitory, and confirm their awareness of the rules in writing. The residents also must confirm, in writing, their awareness of the Fire and Safety Regulations. 

16. It is strictly prohibited to be under influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicants in the Dormitories. Keeping, using or distributing illegal drugs is also strictly prohibited.  

17. Tobacco smoking is prohibited in bedrooms, corridors, on stairways, in the kitchens, in the halls, in the foyer, the waiting area and the checkpoints on the first floor. Smoking is allowed only in special smoking areas, explicitly marked as such, and equipped with ashtrays.

18. The dormitory forbids the use of washrooms as shower rooms. Violators will be evicted. Residents of dormitories No 2, 3, 4, and 5 are allowed to use the shower rooms of the Samara University Sports Center, free of charge, on showing a pass to respective dormitories.

19. Residents must hand over the spare key to their rooms to the Head of Dormitory for storage.

20. For keeping the dormitory clean and orderly, organizing self-service activities, as well as cultural, sportive and educative events, the residents elect the self-government body: the Students' Council, which appoints the Headpersons for floors and bedrooms.

21. According to the order established by Students' Council or the Head of Dormitory, residents can be enrolled in various activities on dormitory self-service, landscaping the adjoining territories, repair and refurbishing the bedrooms they occupy, spring cleanings of the dormitories (except the toilets and washrooms of Dormitories No 2, 3, 4), keeping watch on the floors and the checkpoint, and other activities related to well-being of the dormitories, in accordance with Mutual Responsibilities Agreement, the Labor, Health and Safery regulations.

22. Residents who treat with disrespect the dormitory employees, the Head of the Dormitory, the Students' Council members, Headpersons of floors and bedrooms, and residents who violate the present Regulations and the Mutual Responsibilities Agreement, are treated as offenders and are subject to various degrees of punishment, on application by the Head of Dormitory, Students' Council, or the Students' Town management, from reprimands to eviction and expulsion from the University.

23. The residents must, when they finish cooking, turn off the gas or electric stove. Violators will be evicted.

24. Residents may not use high energy consuming electric devices and equipment (except a PC) without permission from Students' Town management and subject to additional fees for electricity.