Samara University students will go to study in Taiwan

11.12.2017, 14:58

The other days the delegation of Samara National Research University visited National Formosa University in the city of Yunlin in Taiwan and made an agreement with the university on collaboration. The president of National Formosa University PhD. Wen-Yuh Jywe and Vice-rector for Educational and Foreign Affairs of Samara University Vladimir Bogatyrev put their signatures under the memorandum. 
The document presupposes the holding of the joint research, development of bachelor, master, PhD joint degree programmes. The sides showed interest in holding of bilateral summer schools as well.
“Samara University has already been collaborating with this university within research which is being held with the support of RFFI and Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan, - Vladimir Bogatyrev explained. – After two years of collaboration in the sphere of metal forming and materials sciences it became clear that we have more contacts between our universities. The agreement presupposes interaction in other directions as well”.
For example, in educational activity it was decided to implement one term student exchange programme. “We agreed that the exchange will be in different programmes. From Formosa University the students will come to Samara to the programmes on metallurgy. And our students will go to study computer technologies in Taiwan”, - the Rector stated and added that it is referred to English speaking programmes. 
Another suggestion is to organize summer school which will take place turn by turn in Russia and Taiwan. “In the nearest future we are going to exchange information about the summer schools existing in our universities. If it is necessary, we’ll develop a school on new directions. Interest in the school on the questions of machine-tool construction and metal working at programmed multiaxes machines was expressed during the negotiations with the Rector”, - Vladimir Bogatyrev told. 
Young scientists of Department of Metal Forming - Associate Professor Yaroslav Erisov and Assistant Surudin Sergey in the course of the visit to Yunlin got acquainted with the laboratory base of Formosa University. “For two years we have been implementing the project jointly with the RFFI grant and Ministry of Science and Technologies of Taiwan “Development of the methods of optimization of die impression filling at metal forming: from macro to micro level”, - Yaroslav Erisov explained. – In summer our colleagues from Taiwan came to Samara to congress “Metaldeform” and got acquainted with other scientific developments of Department of Metal Forming”. One of scientific directions is “Metal Physics and mechanics of the processes of rolling and plastic shaping of engineering materials” developed under the guidance of RAS Academician Fedor Grechnikov – interested the foreign scientists so that they invited him to make a report on this theme at their university. As a result within the visit of Samara University delegation to National Formosa University Yaroslav Erisov delivered a lecture “Scientific basis of projecting of optimal crystallography of aviation materials structure” to the students and employees. This delivery was supported and went within a special grant of Ministry of Science and Technologies of Taiwan for invitation of foreign lecturers.
It should be noted that Formosa University in its country is the leader in the sphere of training of specialists for mechanical engineering, metallurgy, chemistry, biology, agriculture and food production.
“National Formosa University is very close to us for its practice oriented direction, it leads many applied projects, - Vladimir Bogatyrev made a remark. – For example, the university has chemical laboratories on development of new materials, new types of glue. And their own shop on footwear production, it is necessary to test practically the received materials, technologies of sewing, and to test their durability later. And in the university laboratories connected with agriculture agricultural production from all over Taiwan is studied for pesticides, ISO certificates are given”.
The same holistic approach that Formosa University applied to CAM-systems of metal processing (computer controlled machines are referred to). In the shop supplied with numerically-controlled five-access machine, future makers of cutting tools, electrical engineers (they create electronics for machines) and programmers are being taught. In other words, the whole modern technological chain: machine, electronics, programming is represented at the university. There is also its analytic DATA-centre which collects information about the work of such machines at Taiwanese enterprises. The estimation of the machines load, reasons of break help to improve the work of the machines and write new programme software. 
For reference 
National Formosa University was founded in 1980. It includes 5 colleges, 19 institutes and faculties; the total number of students is more than 10 000 people.