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The Shakespeare’s Legacy

The Shakespeare’s Legacy

Самарский университет

Samara University hosted a festival for true connoisseurs of art – “Shakespeare Days”

18.03.2024 2024-03-28
Shakespeare's works have overcome time and continue to conquer audiences around the world. The works of the famous classic have inspired countless adaptations, interpretations and productions in various forms of art, including theater, cinema, music and visual arts. Students of Samara University, which has been organizing the Shakespeare Days Festival for the third year in a row, do not remain indifferent either. This year the festival was held on March 12–13.

On the first day of the festival, the participants plunged into the fascinating world of the author's era, overcoming the boundaries of time and language. The audience enjoyed listening to the reports in English, reminding of the enduring power of art, which can illuminate the human experience and ignite the imagination of different generations.

Timofey Elistratov talks about his new experience of speaking in English,

“I liked the event; it was pleasant and useful to listen to the reports in English, now I can distinguish words better. I also have the experience of speaking to an audience in a foreign language now. I plan to apply again next year.”

The second day provided the participants with a creative platform to reveal their talents. Amateur actors and readers had the opportunity to expand the boundaries of their creative abilities, to develop the spirit of artistic search.

Savely Kartavtsev shares his impressions about the festival,

“Shakespeare Days is an exciting event, thanks to which you can learn a lot about both the classic himself and his work. In addition to information related to Shakespeare, you can highlight a lot of new things about sports, food, economics and much more in various countries. All the works that the students prepared were read in English, so you can check how well we know the words on a certain topic. Everyone had prepared flawlessly, so it was very interesting to listen!”

Photo: Prokhor Almurzin