федеральное государственное автономное образовательное учреждение высшего образования
«Самарский национальный исследовательский университет имени академика С.П. Королева»
Contact information
Scientific supervisor Kuzmichev Venedict Stepanovich
Building 15, building 16
267-48-20, 267-43-09, 270-90-13

Scientific fields of the work:
  1. The creation and support of communication media environment
  2. The organization of full access for students, lecturers and researchers of educational institutions for the distributed system of information resources.
  3. Numerical simulation of strength, aerodynamic and other characteristics of high-tech products.
  4. Providing with computer workstations for lecturers and students to create presentations.
  5. Creating of electronic textbooks and multimedia applications
  6. High-quality digitization of printed, audio and video materials, printing of electronic publications and printing documents.
  7. The implementation of the formation system of information user competence.
  8. Providing advisory and methodological support for the creation of multimedia and introduction of innovative technologies for the various forms of education.
  9. Providing information and technological support for distance learning, including remote lecture mode, teleconferences, online debates, discussions, etc.
  10. Carrying out activities to promote the presentation of information tech services in various industries.
  11. The creation, support and development of the range of information services.

  1. Supercomputer “Sergey Korolev”