Research and education centers

Scientific Research Laboratory of automated systems of scientific research (SRL-35) Scientific Research Laboratory of diagnostics and reliability of aircraft and engines (SRL-36) Scientific Research Laboratory of plastic deformation of tailored materials (SRL-37) Scientific Research Laboratory of aircraft flight dynamics and control (SRL-38) Scientific Research Laboratory of advanced technological processes of plastic deformation (SRL-41) Scientific Research Laboratory "Combustion physics and chemistry" (SRL-101) Scientific Research Laboratory of geoinformatics and information security (SRL-55) Scientific Research Laboratory of hydromechanics (SRL-57) Scientific educational center of nanotechnology (SEC NT-94) Scientific educational center of gas-dynamics research (SEC GDR-209) Scientific research center of space power engineering (SRC-212) Scientific Educational Center "Chromatography" (SEC-218) Interdepartmental Design Bureau of small aircraft (IDB-74) Multiple access center "Interuniversity Mediacenter in Samara" Samara regional center of information in the field of Education and Research (SamRCI-206) The research team of mechanics (RT-63) Research and Education Center for Physics of open nonequilibrium systems (REC PhNOS-73) Testing center "Unicon" on the certification tests in the declared field of accreditation (IC-69) Research Laboratory of Biotechnical Systems and Devices (RL-43) Research laboratory of microelectronics and radioelectronic means of technologies (RL- 39) Industry Research Laboratory of electrical methods of production control (ONIL-5) Research Laboratory of the "Analytical instruments and systems» (RL-54) Industry research laboratory of radioelectronic methods and diagnostic devices of aircraft systems (ONIL-16) Institute of Corporate Information Systems (ICIS -215) Research and Education Center of Computer Science (REC Cs-208) Laboratory of additive technologies Machines Acoustics Science and Research Institiute (NII-201) Aircraft Structures Science and Research Institute (NII-202) Quality Problems and Technologies Science and Research Institute (NII-204) System Designing Science and Research Institute (NII-205) Space Instruments Engineering Institute (IKP-214) Innovative Production Technologies Institute (IPIT-216) Space-mission Mechanic Engineering Science and research Institute (NII-219) Aeronautical Products Vibration Strength and Reliability Industrial Research Laboratory (ONIL-1) Aviation Materials Study Industrial Research Laboratory (ONIL-4) Mechanical and Spot Blasting Materials Treatment Industrial Research Laboratory (ONIL-3) Aircraft Structures Residual Strain Research Laboratory (NIL-31) Manufacturing Processes Automation Technologies Industrial Research laboratory (ONIL-12)