федеральное государственное автономное образовательное учреждение высшего образования
«Самарский национальный исследовательский университет имени академика С.П. Королева»
Contact information
Scientifi supervisor KAZANSKY Nikolay Lvovich
Building 1, room 208
332-57-83; 332-56-20

Scientific fields of the work:
  1. Computer-based optics.
  2. Image processing.
  3. Development of the theoretical foundations of information technology and modeling of diffractive optical elements (DOEs).
  4. The development of communication systems using multimode filter.
  5. Development of lighting devices using DOE.
  6. The development of mathematical methods, algorithms and new information technologies of digital signal processing, image analysis and pattern recognition.

  1. The educational and scientific laboratory for Nanotechnology based on 6 sets of scanning probe microscopes NanoEducator-6.
  2. Plasma-Chemical Etching set Carolina  PHT 15 (PChE 15).
  3. Magnetron and thermal sputtering set Carolina D 12A-B.
  4. Three-dimensional nanostructuring set 3D2S.
  5. Lithographic attachment XeDraw-BLANK to a scanning electron microscope JEOL JSM-6390.
  6. A precision diamond scriber.
  7. A desktop setting for magnetron sputtering films with a turbo-molecular pump.
  8. The complex of nanostructure studies CPS-DC.
  9. Sample preparation system for plasma cleaning of samples of hydrocarbons.
  10. Probe Nanolaboratory Ntegra Solaris with the possibility of spectral measure-ments.
  11. The system of small-angle X-ray scattering S3-Micro.
  12. The spatial light modulator of high resolution PLUTO VIS.
  13. Precision grinding NM 500.1
  14. Spectrally tunable femto-picosecond fiber laser, model "Itterbius-1100", complete with a fiber amplifier and a scanning autocorrelator FS-PS-Auto.
  15. Spectral and analytical system based on the monochromator spectrograph MS7504i.
  16. UV laser at a wavelength of 263nm DTL-394QT.
  17. Setting of the contact lithography SUSS MJB3.
  18. Selector OG8/1-F with electrooptic Pockels cells.
  19. A laser beam recording station.
  20. A scanning electron microscope.