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Annual Student Ball 2023

Event type: Student Ball 2023
Location: Самара, Moskovskoe Shosse, 34
Date: 18.11.2023 (15:00)
Organizer: Samara University

Detailed information

Studio of Salon Dance named after Sergey Boldyrev invites students, teachers and all employees of Samara University to join the huge event of the Samara University Annual Student Ball. It will be held on November 18 at 15:00 in the hall of the ring hall!

We recommend that you mark in your calendar or set a reminder: November 18! On this day in the sports complex will be an event that will turn it into a real palace, which will be attended by beautiful princesses and gallant cavalry. The arena will be filled with the sounds of waltz, and pairs will perform fast mazurkas, strict counterdances, perky polkas and much more. However, the event will not only include dance elements.

As part of the event, performances of creative teams are planned. The Samara University Orchestra will open the evening, and the guests will be able to enjoy the familiar dances.