федеральное государственное автономное образовательное учреждение высшего образования
«Самарский национальный исследовательский университет имени академика С.П. Королева»

Students in state-sponsored study places receive a stipend.

Your stipend will be deposited on a banking card. To get your banking card, come to Room 317 of Building 3 (Phone 267-4415). Please have your passport, registration, migration card and visa ready.

If you already have a Samara Sberbank card, please come to Room 317 with the card and the aforementioned documents.

You can use your card to pay for services at most chain stores.

If a store takes cash only, ATMs are available to withdraw cash.

There are three ATMs on campus: in Building 3a, in Building 5 and in Dormitory 7.

To avoid paying a transaction fee for your Sberbank card transactions, use Sberbank ATMs. Sberbank ATMs are located in Rus Trade Centre and at Biomed Drugstore at Moskovskoe Shosse 28.

Narodny Investitsionnuy Bank
Trust Bank
Russian Standard Bank
Moskovskoye Sh., 15b ("Rus na Volge" Mall)
Aurora St., 150/1
Aurora St., 150/1
Antonova-Ovseenko St. 3, Karl Marx Pr. 179
Karl Marx Pr., 181
On campus:

ATM Sberbank

ATM Alpha Bank


Moskovskoye Sh. 34b

 Moskovskoye Sh. 34

 Moskovskoye Sh. 34

Near campus - "Rus na Volge" Mall:

ATM Gazbank

ATM First United Bank

ATM Promsviazbank

Moskovskoye Sh., 15b

 Moskovskoye Sh., 15b

 Moskovskoye Sh., 15b


ATM Alpha Bank

ATM , Sberbank

ATM , Reiffeizenbank

ATM , Rosbank

Банкомат, Открытие

ATM , UralSib


ATM , RosBank 

4-y pr-d, 57

 Moskovskoye Sh., 28, Karl Marx Pr. 179

 Moskovskoye Sh., 28

 Moskovskoye Sh., 28

 Revolyutsionnaya St., 64b

 Revolyutsionnaya St., 64

 Karl Marx Pr. 177b

 Aurora St, 201 build. 1 (Bus Depot)

Moskovskoye Sh., 23