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«Самарский национальный исследовательский университет имени академика С.П. Королева»

Russian Cuisine

Russians love their traditional cuisine. In virtually every family, people eat traditional soups, soups with cabbage, pickles, smoked sausage and fish. Soups are also made with kvass, a Russian variety of root beer. Many families cook kashas, bake pies and pancakes, make meat dumplings, salted cabbage and mushrooms and eat rye bread.
Russians also eat cutlets (the most famous varieties are Chicken Kiev and Pozharski cutlets) and salads (such as salads with beets).
Beginning with the Soviet era, many Russian families started cooking Uzbek pilaf, Caucasian kebabs and Kazakh manty.
At the traditional Russian Pancake Week festival at Polet Camp, international students can master the art of making Russian pancakes.

National Cuisine

To Ce Japanese Restaurant Chain
Prospekt Kirova, 283
+7 (846) 993-61-61
Open: Mon-Sun 11.00-06.00
Average check: RUB 700
Mexican Restaurant
Galaktionovskaya St., 39/8
+7 (846) 332-48-78-61-61
Open: Mon-Sun 13.00-01.00
Average check: RUB 800

Fast Food Restaurants

McDonald’s Fast Food Chain
Prospekt Kirova, 391B
Open: Mon-Sun 00.00-24.00
+7 (846) 959-46-16
Subway Fast Food Chain
Dybenko St., 30
Open: Mon-Sun 10.00-22.00
+7 (846) 373-63-43
KFC Fast Food Chain
Moskovskoe Sh., 18th km, 25b
Open: Mon-Sun 09.10-22.00
+7 (800) 555-83-33
Vostochny Bazar Fast Food Chain
Prospekt Kirova, 147
Open: Mon-Sun 10.00-22.00
+7 (846) 331-71-50
Burger King Fast Food Chain
Dybenko St., 30
Open: Mon-Sun 10.00-22.00