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Bachelors who defended a graduation project at Samara University have won the prestigious competition of aerospace universities in China

05.08.2019 1970-01-01
In China, the results of the first national competition of diploma projects among the graduates of bachelor’s degree aerospace specialties have been summed up. 30 specialized Chinese universities took part in it.
Chinese students study under double degree programmes in the world’s best aerospace universities, since in China, high-quality education in the field of aviation and rocket science is appreciated. The prize of the highest degree was awarded to 6 bachelor students from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA), who had been working on their graduation projects at Samara University for six months studying at the educational program of bachelor 24.03.05 - aircraft Engines.
“The graduation projects of these Chinese bachelors are the result of the traditional form of study at the faculty, that is, the implementation of a cross-cutting project. In the learning process, we simulate the work of a real design bureau where students design an engine, starting from thermodynamic calculations to the technology for manufacturing parts, – said project manager, Associate Professor of Samara University Department of Aircraft Engine Theory Oleg Baturin. – In 2017, a joint project with Nanjing University was implemented on the basis of two departments, in 2019 it was already a scientific conglomerate of four departments: Aircraft Engine Theory Department, Aircraft Engine Construction and Design Department, as well as the departments of Power Plant Automatic Systems and Thermal Engineering and Thermal Engines. Similar training and work on the preparation of  diploma projects is carried out by the professors of the Institute of Engine and Power Plant Engineering with Beijing Polytechnic University students”.
At Samara University, Nanjing students performed thermodynamic calculations, flow section design, detailed calculations of turbomachines, combustion chambers and control systems. Each bachelor worked on his part of the general prototype of the engine, then young people transferred all the accumulated information to their fellow students who were working at the design department. Those, in turn, converted their calculations into a specific engine model.
The Dean of Nanjing University College of Engines and Power Plants, who was present at the defense, Professor Haitao Cui noted the high level of bachelor's degree projects, emphasizing that in their diplomas future engineers solved the problems that were close to real production tasks.
“The quality of education at Samara University is excellent. The academic staff of the Institute of Engine and Power Plant Engineering have done great systematic work, – Haitao Tsui shared his impressions. In general, a systematic approach distinguishes Samara University. In China, mainly theory (subjects of a more general character) is taught. At Samara University disciplines are applied and cover many aspects”.
One of the contest winners, Chang Jiang, noted that the most impressive thing for him is the long history of Samara University and an extensive collection of gas turbine engines, airplanes, helicopters: “This huge collection is a good basis for the study and design of gas turbine engines. I learnt a lot during work on my graduate project at Samara University, it was a unique experience".
And bachelor Ji Qing was inspired by the research activities of Samara University professors and pleasantly surprised by the European style of the campus. The students carried out their graduation projects under the guidance of  professors from Samara University Institute of Engine and Power Plant Engineering: Professors of Aircraft Engine Construction and Design Department Dmitry Novikov and Alexander Vinogradov, Associate Professor of  Aircraft Engine Theory Department Oleg Baturin, Associate Professor of Thermal Engineering and Thermal Engines Department Ivan Zubrilin, Professor of Power Plant Automatic Systems Department Georgiy Makaryants.
For reference:
Since 2017, bachelors from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics have been studying under the double diploma programme at Samara University Institute of Engine and Power Plant Engineering.
Cooperation with the University of China is expanding, the work with postgraduate students has begun. Beginning with 2019/2020 academic year, students of this university will be able to study for master’s degree at Samara University Institute of Engine and Power Plant Engineering and receive double diplomas studying at the master's educational program 24.04.05 - aircraft Engines.