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«Самарский национальный исследовательский университет имени академика С.П. Королева»
Online International School at Samara University

Online International School at Samara University

Самарский университет

Students of Jilin University, China, virtually attended the lectures and visited the museum and the studying airfield of Samara University.

19.12.2022 2022-12-21
Modern technologies make it possible to implement international projects at Samara University at a high level. Students of Jilin University, China, virtually attended the lectures by extraordinary professors of Samara University, visited museums and walked around the studying airfield and city center of Samara city.

The new program Production and Testing of Aircraft Engines took place from 10 October to 22 November, 2022. The school’s schedule consisted of the academic part (lectures, workshops, labs) and cultural part (excursions, tours). Participants boosted their knowledge in aviation engines production and got acquainted with local traditions and technologies. Students virtually walked around University’s museums and labs and met with Russian way of life together with the students of Samara University.

The student Hu Xiaolian noticed that he didn’t know much about relevant fields before. Moreover, he was surprised by visiting the real airfield with authentic helicopters and airplanes! He would like to come to Russia one day.

All students were awarded by ECTS e-certificates at the end of the academic program as they successfully mastered the subjects.

International online school was held with the great help of Institute of Engines and Power Plants of Samara University.

More information about the International School can be read here.