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International Winter School started at Samara University

International Winter School started at Samara University

Самарский университет

Students from China will learn aircraft engines and power plants

25.01.2024 2024-02-07
Admiration the views of the first Electric Power Station, the Zhiguli brewery, the Iversky Monastery, the frozen Volga River, appreciation the beauty of the Drama Theater, sitting in the generalissimo's chair in Stalin's bunker. All the deals are done! The first acquaintance of Chinese students with Samara succeeded!

There is a two-week of learning and researching of aircraft engines design, acquaintance with winter sports, Russian traditions and culture, communication with Russian students ahead. Samara University launched the International Winter School ‘Production and Testing of Aircraft Engines’ from 23rd January to 6th February. 18 students of Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU, Xi'an, China) will take part in the program. The core fields of NPU are academic studies and research of aviation, space and marine engineering.
Participants of the International Winter School visit Russia for the first time. They started to discover and acquaint with our country from the opening ceremony at Samara University. Ekaterina Blinova – director of the Center of international short-term educational programs – narrated the guests about Sergei Korolev, whose name Samara University bears, and what technologies are associated with this legendary scientist and engineer. Students learned details of life of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin with a great delight.
Vice-Rector Victoria Bolgova and Head of the International Cooperation Department Anton Gulbis welcomed students at the opening ceremony. Participants learned the foundation history of the university in 1942 – why Samara University is named after the designer of the first rockets and automatic interplanetary missions Sergei Korolev, how a powerful school of engine construction was developed in Samara, the partnership of Samara University with Chinese universities concerning international short-term and long-term academic and research programs.
“It was planned to arrange winter school in 2020. However, we had to postpone the program due to the pandemic,“ – said the director of Center of international short-term educational programs Ekaterina Blinova. “The summer schools in 2023 have shown us that short-term programs are demanded for our partners in China. Two groups of students arrived from Northwestern Polytechnic University instead of the planned one group. For now, it is winter season and students from Xi'an have come to us again! We are glad to greet them as students are well prepared, they have basic engineering knowledge that will allow them to gain the most out of the program developed by the Institute of Engines and Power Plants”.
More than 600 international students participated in winter and summer schools of Samara University on-campus and online since 2015.
“International students from various countries study at Samara University,” – mentioned vice-rector Viktoria Bolgova. “Samara University is glad to expand cooperation with different provinces and cities of China. The cooperation with university from Asian countries is considered as the highest priority for us. The subject of scientific research of NPU is quite close to Samara University, we have already established reliable scientific connection. In addition, winter schools are focused not only on education and technologies, the programs reveal Russian culture and the openness of our country to the world. We illustrate that Russia is a country of opportunities “.
Dmitry Uglanov, professor of Thermal Engineering and Thermal Engines Department and the founder of the educational program of the winter school, also welcomed international students: "Students from NPU currently study at the Institute of Engines and Power Plants under the double degree program. Regarding the plans for the winter school, we try to saturate it with the most interesting and unique information. Students are going to observe real rocket, aircraft and gas turbine engines. Our guests will be able to visit the tests of a small gas turbine engine! I wish participants to spend their time in Samara efficiently and discover lots of new things “.
Our international students are lucky as they will attend Russian Students Day celebration on January 27, 2024, visit the ballet "Swan Lake" and create a handmade Russian souvenir.