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“Developments in the Field of Unmanned Aviation Must Be Efficient”

“Developments in the Field of Unmanned Aviation Must Be Efficient”

Самарский университет

The Governor of the Samara Region got acquainted with the University’s scientific developments in the field of unmanned aircraft systems

07.02.2024 2024-02-16
On Tuesday, on the eve of Russian Science Day, Governor Dmitry Azarov got acquainted with scientific developments in the field of unmanned aviation systems (UAS). Samara University established the UAS Centre in 2016, for specialized professionals to be trained in managing, operating, as well as designing, manufacturing and repairing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and in 2022, mass production of UAVs was organized on its basis.

The University also actively collaborates with the company “Transport Budushchego”, which has been arranging mass production of civil-use UAVs in the Tolyatti Special Economic Zone since the end of 2023. Yulia Vybornova, Researcher at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, told the head of the region about the latest developments in the field of software for the company “Transport Budushchego”.

David Ovakimyan, Director of the UAS Centre, demonstrated samples of UAVs to the head of the region. Among them, a small-sized unmanned aerial vehicle of the FPV type was showed. It is mass-produced, over the year, about 800 units of these UAVs were manufactured at the University in favour of the Foundation “Zvezda and Lira”.

“UniDrone” is also among the newest UAV models. Developed in 2023, this drone with increased stand-alone self-sufficiency and flight duration, of the hexacopter type, can continuously operate in the full radio silence mode. Power and data transmission are carried out here by using the cable-wire system with fiber-optic communication. It is planned to complete industrial testing and organize mass production of these drones, for the tasks of ensuring security of strategic facilities.

“These are exclusive UAV developments of Samara University. Our samples have more competitive advantages, including in terms of communication quality”, told David Ovakimyan to the Governor. During the conversation with the authors of the projects, Dmitry Azarov proposed to organize and hold the conference for all the developers and manufacturers in the field of unmanned aviation systems to discuss areas of joint work. “We can join forces and get additional synergy, no doubt about it”, shared his opinion the head of the region.

Another development that interested the head of the region is the device that makes it possible to “jam” the signal of any unmanned vehicles at a distance of up to 3 km. It can be used, for example, during mass events. “The main thing is that the product should work efficiently, then it will be in demand”, noted the Governor while talking to the developers, then asked to submit to him the test data report. In the near future, after testing in laboratory conditions, these “jammers” will be tried out at a special testing ground to check quality and stability of the devices in operation.

Photo: Olesya Orina