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The Yuri Gagarin Scholarship Was Awarded to Master’s Student Igor Zorin

The Yuri Gagarin Scholarship Was Awarded to Master’s Student Igor Zorin

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The certificate was presented to the student by Yuri Borisov, General Director of Roscosmos State Corporation

14.03.2024 2024-03-28
Yuri Borisov, General Director of the Roscosmos State Corporation, presented Igor Zorin, a graduate student at the Institute of Aerospace Engineering, with a certificate of the Yuri Gagarin Scholarship laureate.

Igor Zorin became one of the three laureates of this scholarship in the country in 2024. For 9 months, the fellows receive RUB 15,000 each month.

The young man is conducting research in the field of creating new aluminum alloys. His supervisor is Professor of the Department of Metal Technology and Aviation Materials Science, Doctor of Technical Sciences Evgeny Aryshensky.

“I am engaged in the research and development of new aluminum alloys, more specifically, I am studying alloys of the 5th series (5XXX) of the Al-Mg system with additives of transition metals (scandium, zirconium, hafnium),” said Igor Zorin, “these alloys are used in the aviation and rocket and space industries. So, for example, fuel tanks for launch vehicles are now being made from alloy 1570 (Al-Mg-Mn-Sc-Zr). But there are a number of barriers to their use: the cost and thermal stability of hardening particles, which lose their properties when heated at high temperature. I solve these two problems in my research.”

The Gagarin fellow calls materials science and new production technologies the sphere of scientific interests – first of all, it is about additive technologies. The young man intends to make his research “more fundamental”, “I am looking for new topics that would be interesting and relevant to me in the industry.” There is work ahead on the research that will form the basis of the dissertation.

“My choice of university and further profession was influenced by the stories of the staff of the Department of Metal Forming and the persistent recommendations of Olga Vladimirovna Artemenko, a school chemistry teacher,” the laureate added.

The award ceremony took place at the Cosmonaut Training Center. Igor Zorin noted for himself several theses from the welcoming speech of the head of the Roscosmos Corporation Yuri Borisov, “We have learned about the current state of affairs in Russian cosmonautics. In short, the management of the corporation intends to increase the grouping of satellites in orbit, and to establish their mass production for this purpose. Another task is to reduce the cost of cargo delivery to the ISS due to modern trends – reusable rocket systems. In fact, Yuri Ivanovich outlined a work plan for the employees of the corporation.”

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The laureates of the Yuri Gagarin Scholarship are students and postgraduates who carry out promising scientific research and development in areas related to manned space exploration, as well as promoting its achievements. Earlier, Andrey Pismarev (2016) and Anastasia Krestina (2022) became laureates of this award.